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WhatSender is a WhatsApp marketing software that can be used for sending messages to WhatsApp contacts in bulk. The software uses WhatsApp Web technology to help its users with their whatsapp marketing strategies. Users can customize all the messages before finally sending them. They can create their contact base either by manually adding the numbers or by importing them from a file. It supports all major file formats.

WhatSender allows its users to send messages to even those contacts which are not saved within their address book. The software also enables users to manage multiple accounts within a single platform. Finally, users can check the performance of their campaigns with the help of the report provided by the software. The latest version of WhatSender Profile was launched on 27th of March 2020.

How does WhatSender Profile help users with their brand marketing?
Users can strategically plan and represent their brand with the help of WhatSender Profile in the following ways:

Customised Messages: Users can customise all the messages before finally sending them. Thus creating a more personalised connection with their customers.
Multiple Accounts: The software allows its users to operate multiple accounts within a single platform. Thus enabling them to use different accounts rotationally to send messages.
Import Contacts: Users can add new contacts within the software either manually or by selecting specific WhatsApp groups and using the numbers within it.
Bulk Messages: Users can send messages to recipients in bulk. They can also schedule the message timing to prevent themselves from being reported as spam or blocked.
Pricing of WhatSender Profile
The software is available for NGN 2499($6.5), for 1 year and supports one PC. You can initiate a callback request if you are interested.

Compatible Platforms of WhatSender Profile
The software is compatible with XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit) versions of the Windows operating system. Users can also use the software from their macOS by downloading the WhatSender Chrome Extension in their system.

What are the benefits of using WhatSender Profile?
SpinTax: SpinTax feature of the software allows the users to set multiple words with similar meanings. The inbuilt programmer will randomly select those words while sending messages to the contacts. Thus, ensuring that different messages are sent to each contact and the user will not be reported as spam by the recipients.
Multiple Accounts: Users can add multiple WhatsApp accounts within the software and send messages from them in a rotational form (eg: 30 messages per account).
Contact Grabber: Users can grab all the contacts from a selected WhatsApp group using this feature. They need to open WhatsApp on their phone and select a group from where the software will automatically extract the contacts that will be listed on the ‘contact grabber’ window.
Numbers Filter: By using this feature, users can filter out the numbers which are there in WhatsApp and send messages to their users.
Sold By WhatSender
Contact: +2347063044646


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