You want to make the Right Decisions – Take this three Steps

You want to make the Right Decisions - Take this three Steps

We all at some point have made a decision one way or the other. For example, you wearing the dress you are currently wearing was as a result of the decision you made. I have noticed that so many people when they are about to make a big decision do it based on their feeling, not thinking or minding what happens as a result of the decision they chose.

This shouldn’t be so because decision making is not just about what will happen instantly but more of what will happen in the nearest future. Where you find yourself today is the result of the decision you have made in the past. Even who you are is a result of the choices you have made while you were younger.

So you had an exam to prepare for and you didn’t take your time to bury your head to read and study. After the exam, the result came out and you began to weep as your result was among the poorest. Well, may I ask, what result were you actually expecting? Were you thinking you would have passed with flying color? No!! because the result you had is the outcome of the decision you took not to read your books.

The decision you make now will affect the lifestyle you will live in the future. That’s why as individuals we should take time to always make sure every decision we are making is the right one. And that is the reason I am writing this blog post.

Three Steps to Making the Right decision

1. Take Your Time

If you have noticed, before making a decision you feel anxious and eager to want to just decide so you can just quickly get the thoughts off your mind. However, that’s a very dangerous way of making a decision. Before you decide, you need to calm down, take your time and weigh your options meticulously.

It is better to take your time to make a decision than to quickly make a decision that you will have to live with and regret for the rest of your life. If you’re presented with a decision that throws you for a loop—say, a surprise job offer—ask the other party for some time to consider the situation, and for a deadline for when you need to respond.

2. Visualize the Outcome of each Choice

One thing I try to do when am about to make a decision is that I carefully think about the possible result that may come into place if I am to make that decision. And that has helped me not to make the mistakes of making the wrong decision.

 For example, if a company you’d love to work requires you do a presentation for key stakeholders before you’re hired . . . and you decide not to go through with it because you have a fear of public speaking, that decision might result in you missing out on an opportunity to have your own multi-million dollar company in the future. But is that what you really want? To choose not to work with a great company?

   Think before you Act?

3. Ask the Right Question

A Chinese proverb says ” When you ask questions, you would be a fool for just few minutes but if you fail to ask questions, you would be a  fool for the rest of your life.

Remember, No Question, No Life. The more you ask the right questions, the more knowledgeable you become. Which in turn makes you more experienced…And the more experience you have with a particular type of decision, the safer it is to go with your intuition since your subconscious has a wealth of reliable information from which to draw.

For most of us, it’s not easy to feel completely confident in all of our decisions. But while it’s perfectly acceptable to seek the advice of others as you navigate complicated situations, the more you learn to trust yourself, the better your decisions will be for you.


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