What is Really the Gap between the Rich and The Poor

What Really Separates the Rich From The Poor

In our world today, the richest 1% of the population in the world controls 40% of the total wealth. And from statistics, we can say that the top 80 richest people in the world are worth more than half the world population say 3.5 billion people.

And considering these statistics, we can say there is surely something that differentiates the rich from the poor.

Most of us do think that these rich individuals would or had accumulated their wealth by winning a lottery or perhaps they were lucky to be born into wealth. Well, that isn’t true because it has been found that only 11 out of the 80 richest individuals were passed down their wealth with the other 69 having to accumulate and made their wealth through determination and hard work.

While some people live in excess, some others are living with next to nothing. And have you ever asked yourself why is that?. Sure the obvious answer is that the rich have significantly more money than the poor.

Meanwhile, what I actually meant by that question is that what is the reason behind those dollars and cents.

Just think about it. A rich individual can be living in the same city with a poor person, have access to the same jobs and opportunity and both have only 24 hours in a day, yet one might be living based on his or her salary while the other will have more money than he can spend in a lifetime.

So what truly makes the difference between someone that accumulate billions of dollar in their lifetime(Rich Individual) and someone who will struggle financially forever(Poor Person)?

Well, that’S what I will be talking about here today. I have taken my time to research and come up with some knowledge of what really separates the two so you can decide for yourself whose behavior and thinking you should adopt.


1. The Rich Never stop Learning:

The rich are aware of the fact that there are always new skills to learn and techniques for us to adopt. Take for instance Billionaire Dan Lok as rich as he is, spends $500,000 every year into continuous learning. Why is that? It is just that the more you learn, the more valuable you become and money answers to value.

2. The Rich provide/sell value while the poor sell Time

3. The Rich always Save:

4. The Poor spends money mostly on what they want while the rich spend on what they Need:

5. The Rich understand the power of Delaying Gratification

6. The Rich have several sources of Income

7. The Rich are always friends with the Rich, while the poor surround themselves with other broke individuals:

The rich understand the power of having friends with values, they surround themself with people of their class and ideas. They do this mainly because if unfortunately, they find themselves in a financial situation, they have got the right people to help and lift them out of the crisis.

Whereas, the poor limit their friends to people that are broke also. This implies that they are alone in every of their financial crisis.

To Increase your knowledge about the rich and how they think, here are the top 9 richest individuals in the world. Try to read and study their lifestyle.

1. Jeff Bezos
2. Bill Gates
3. Bernard Arnault
4. Warren Buffett
5. Mark Zuckerberg
6. Amancio Ortega
7. Larry Ellison
8. Carlos Slim
9. Larry Page


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