I wish to meet the armed robber who raped me back in 2004 – Actress Elvina Ibru

Nollywood actress, Elvina Ibru has taken to her social media handle to narrate her encounter with an armed robber in 2004, who not only stole from her but also raped her.


According to her, having experienced the ugly incident, there was a need for others to take a cue from what she had been through which suggested her advocacy group.

“I was raped by an armed robber in 2004, it wasn’t my fault and not an incident that warrants me taking up microphone about, so I set up an advocacy group to address it,” she said.

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“The group is to manage the young and old ones who had been through the same ugly incident like me. I know if I had to go all out to media about the situation, it will fizzle out.

“However, it is not something I have been silent about; I don’t know the person that raped me, but I will meet him again, I know I will meet him.”

The multi-talented actor and writer urged Nollywood stakeholders to be professional in their conduct, adding that the industry needed the touch of core professionals, The Cable reports.

“Although I can say that I am not a veteran in the movies because I just spiced up my acting recently, but I have been on stage for a long time,” she said.

“What I can bring to the table for my colleagues is that they must be professional with their jobs as much as possible.

“There are times that we need to up our games as actors, producers and other professions in the film making industry; we need to be professional and do things right.

“The fault in our movies did not just happen because we lack money, they also come with the way we handle things as professionals, though, money is also a big factor.

“There are other things that are attached to film making which we need to look at to move the industry forward.”


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